How SelfyBoothTM Works

SelfyBoothTM takes multiple photos in quick succession & then merges them together to form a Collage.

Users create their engaging imagery with SelfyBoothTM & share their incredible experiences on social media.

SelfyBoothTM facilitates with real-time event coverage, so your reach just multiplied & your ROI looks fantastic.

SelfyBoothTM gives you the best images to share your
unique social experiences with world.

Best things in life are worth sharing. Do it now ! With easy to use SelfyBoothTM, we unite individuals through social photo experiences with entertainment and fun. So create, capture and relive any event with our unique iPad-based SelfyBoothTM.

Tech Support

Our technical experts are always available to answer any questions you may have about the SelfyBoothTM.

TWeb Res Images

SelfyBoothTM facilitates its users with compiled images. Use them for the marketing purposes anytime.

Web Res Renderings

SelfyBoothTM offers exclusive and high-quality web renderings to set your brand apart from the competitions.

Marketing Elements

We are steadily growing our library of purchasable marketing materials to ensure that your firm is growing.

What are you waiting for ? Get our premium,
compact photo booth solution now.

Satisfied Clients

Mary Veterano Mary and Roy

Even before we received the booth we were booking dates for the booth and it’s only growing more- we even need to order a second booth soon!