SelfyBooth Overview

Your Photo Booths don’t have to be huge, complex or difficult to set up. SelfyBooth brings the
genuine photo booth experience with easy-to-use app & hardware.


An animated GIF is an image encoded in graphics interchange format, which comprises a number of images
in a single file. In order to convey animation, the images are displayed in a specific order. So make a
difference and set yourself aside from the competition by enabling GIFs in our SelfyBooth.


SelfyBooth allows its users to share their photos easily via Facebook because we know that
instant gratification is priceless. And the best part of SelfyBooth is that you can track all of this data,
which you can then use to follow-up or market them afterwards as well.


SelfyBooth let you integrate your own iPad to it. The separate purchase of an iPad and software of SelfyBooth
can speed up lines at any event requiring social media and also provide a platform for lead generation.


SelfyBooth gives you high-quality pictures. Because we understand that no one keeps bad photos of themselves. SelfyBooth ensures that your guests will be dying to use the photos to update their profile picture and hang them on their fridge for years and update them to their social accounts.


No need to spent thousands of dollars to take our SelfyBooth setup home. On top of that, SelfyBooth
is portable and easy to set up. It requires only one person to set up, eliminating overhead throughout
the course of business.